Why The 'Hun' (That's Half Bun) Is Every Fashion Girl's New Go-to Hairstyle

Why The 'Hun' (Half Bun) Is Trending

Think half-up, half down 'dos and a dodgy bridesmaid look or the style you used at school to eek another day out of your unwashed locks will probably come to mind - but it's got a new lease of life this season. All hail the 'hun', ie. the half bun.

So, it's not exactly a new look - Sienna Miller owned this style while off-duty back when she had long locks, but now it's reached the red carpet, too. Everyone from Kate Middleton, to Diane Kruger, to Margot Robbie and Kate Mara have sported the look this summer and it's taking over Instagram thanks to its catchy new moniker.

It's perfect for giving second or third day hair a new lease of life. NB. Poppy Delevingne and Amber Le Bon working the look during fashion week [above].

The oh-so boho look is also ideal for when you can't take the heat of having a full head of hair hanging around your shoulders and face. Take that Swinter!

Here's our golden rules on how to rock the hun hairstyle:

1. The 'hun' is easiest to achieve when hair isn't freshly washed and slippery - a little natural oil will help it stay put.

2. To create the look - start by pulling the hair back as if creating a ponytail from about an inch above the ears, leaving most of your lengths free.

3. Fasten with a hair elastic however far above the crown feels comfortable. A high bun works better by night, while by day it's all about a looser low style.

4. Twist your pony from the elastic to the end then wrap hair tightly around the base.

5. Use a few kirby grips to pin in place. Then tease a little looser with your fingers to make the over-all effect more relaxed.

6. The 'hun' is best worn with slightly tousled locks, so be sure to work a little salt or texturising spray through the lengths once complete. We like SachaJuan's Ocean Mist Texturising Spray, £18 and Bumble & Bumble's City Swept Finishing Spray, £22.

Et voilà - hey hun!

Need some hun-spiration? Scroll through the gallery below to see how the stars are wearing it...

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