A sneak peek at Kardashian haircare (WWD)


FIRST LOOK: The Kardashian Sisters Unveil Pictures Of New Haircare (And Even North West Is A Fan)

FIRST LOOK: The Kardashian Sisters Unveil Haircare Range

A sneak peek at Kardashian haircare (WWD)

UPDATE: As if we needed another reason to get excited about the launch of Kardashian haircare, Kim has just revealed that she has been testing one of the new products, (Black Seed Dry Oil, we'll have you know) on baby North’s hair- well, if it’s good enough for baby… Kim said, “I just started using our oil because I needed to slick it [her hair] back and make it stay. I just use a drop of it, but then she brushes it and likes to mess it all up.” Cute or what!?

33-year-old Kim also reassures us that the new products (see photo above) will make your hair picture-perfect for the ultimate hair selfie. She said, “Sometimes you do a selfie just to capture the hair look. If you have fun braids in your hair, you want to show them off or if you have a cool, slicked ponytail. I love hair selfies.” Stay tuned, ladies!


**7th August, 2014: The Kardashian Takeover Continues! Now The Sisters Are Launching A Haircare Line**

It was only really a matter of time- between books, fragrances, clothes, swimwear and even a home collection; us beauty girls were waiting patiently for sisters Kourtney, Khloé and Kim Kardashian to scramble together a haircare line. And breaking news reaching Grazia HQ this morning informs us that, just as we’d hoped, Kardashian Haircare is here! Hurrah!

The Kardashian sisters (Getty)

Inspired by their “desire” for healthy hair, the upcoming hair range will include styling products, accessories and tools. The 3 glossy haired sisters are clearly as excited as we are about the new collection, saying, “We have been developing Kardashian Beauty carefully with our fans’ needs in mind as well as our individual hair-care needs. Our personal desire for healthy, beautiful hair and hands-on product development has allowed us to design products we felt were missing in the market.”


With speculation abound as to what products and tools will be in the collection, us beauty girls are crossing our fingers for some boudoir worthy bottles. We’re thinking a stellar shine spray, super-power hairspray and perhaps an intense moisturising shampoo and conditioner to keep up with the Kardashian sisters’ repertoire of ever-changing hair colours…

Although the collection isn’t set to launch until spring 2015, we highly suggest you click through the gallery below and check out Kim’s best-ever hair moments…

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