The Best Hair Growth Supplements Loved By Celebrities


The Best Hair Growth Supplements Loved By Celebrities

The 5 Hair Growth Supplements Loved By The A-List

If, like us, you’re on a never-ending quest for long, long hair then you might be intrigued to hear that Kim Kardashian might just have the answer to your follicle dreams. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has only just unveiled a new, shorter haircut (which we totally love, by the way), but she's been a long time fan of the hair growth supplement, Hairfinity (£24.00), which recently landed in the UK and has had glowing reviews.

However, the question we’re all asking is: Do hair growth tablets work? Can oral supplements really help you get fantastic, Gisele-worthy tresses? And if so, what are the best hair-growth supplements out there?

While some say hair grows faster in the summer, there’s also a genetic cap where your hair will stop growing. The average head of hair grows one inch every month but if your tresses are damaged (too much colour, GHD abuse, tight ponytails, etc.) this will certainly put a block on your natural growth cycle.

But, all is not lost...

As well as eating the right foods and treating your hair with some TLC, there are some wonder supplements that will ensure your hair is growing at its top speed. It goes without saying that we are what we eat, and for super-strong hair, nutritionists swear by the powers of protein.

After all, your hair is made of protein so keeping feeding those building blocks. In the morning, incorporate eggs and avocado, for lunch keep an eye out for dark leafy greens like kale and spinach and for dinner stock up on lean proteins like fish or chicken. Snack on walnuts too, which are great for scalp health.

However, popping a pill can make a huge difference too, but only if you remember to take it correctly - twice a day, religiously, and always with a meal. So, get ready to make like Kim and start your hair haul-over today.

Click through the gallery below to discover the top 5 supplements that are tried and tested – not just by us beauty ladies, but by some long-haired A-listers, too...


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