Now There's A Hairbrush That Vibrates When You Brush Too Hard

Hip hip HAIRay!

Ever get the feeling you brush your hair wrong? When hairdressers do it, they're bewilderingly able to sweep through your tresses and remove not one strand, whereas you tug and you yank and you pull with such force, a tangled nest of hair – a veritable clump – gets stuck in the brush afterwards, along with the feeling you're gradually, and literally, pulling your hair out...

If this sounds familiar, we have a newsflash for you: L'Oreal have just unveiled a brand new smart hairbrush; one with snazzy sensors to examine the quality of your hair and the efficacy of your hair care techniques too!

Named the 'Kérastase Hair Coach', the brush was designed to prevent damage to hair by brushing, through breakages and split ends. It's linked to an app which, via Wifi/Bluetooth, feeds information back to your smartphone, whilst considering 'weather' factors as well, like temperature and humidity.

What information is this? A 'hair quality score', details on how efficacious your brushing is, useful pointers on bettering it, and suggesting products you might find useful (Kérastase ones, naturally).

How does it do that? Through it's built-in microphone, which records the sound of your hair breaking as you brush; through its accelerometer and gyroscope, which 'analyse your brushing patterns and counts your brush strokes with haptic feedback, signaling if brushing is too vigorous', which basically means it vibrates if you're too forceful; through its conductivity sensors, which assess whether the brush is being used on wet or dry hair, so 'hair measurement' is accurate; and also its 3-axis load cells, which measure the strength of your strokes, as applied to your hair and scalp.

Unveiled at this year's Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the revolutionary new brush is battery powered by disposal batteries – because not everyone has adequate charging stations in their bathroom – and although not waterproof, is water resistant. Set to launch by the middle of this year, the brush will retail at the (just about) affordable price of £160.


January might be about abstinence, but this is something we need in our lives... Saving starts today.

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