The Delevingne Sisters Reveal Their Secret To Fabulous Hair

Apart from their enviable locks, they’re known for good looks, charming personalities and successful careers. Of course, we’re talking about the Delevingne sisters. It’s very unlikely that you’ve seen them (especially Cara’s older sisters Poppy and Chloe) having a bad hair day. And as ambassadors of luxury haircare brand System Professionals, it’s to no surprise that they have flawless hair. Famous for their high-tech EnergyCode Mapping service, which finds your personalised regime to best suit your hair and scalp condition (it has a whopping 174 million possible combinations), they believe that it’s the ultimate remedy for all hair concerns and the secret to healthy, happy hair.

As the new Luxe Oil range from haircare brand System Professionals launches, we sat down with Poppy and Chloe to delve into their deepest, darkest hair and beauty secrets.

How has your hair chanced since using System Professional?

Poppy: Manageability! Before, my hair was wild and free to do whatever it wanted – now it does exactly what I want. I’ve tamed the beast.

Chloe: My hair didn’t have much life to it, it was limp and stuck to my face. Now it looks fresher, younger and has more movement. I’m not afraid to show it off whereas before I would never wear it down.

What was your introduction to the brand?

Poppy: We were introduced to the brand by a friend so we jumped at the chance to work together. Travelling so much and going to different hotels, you’d be used to using so many different products and I thought it was strange because you wouldn’t do that with skincare – you wouldn’t just slap any moisturizer on. So when we heard the concept of My Energy Code, we thought ‘Finally, there’s something bespoke and personalised to you,’ and it has made such a difference.

Chloe: If you believe in the science and understand it, it all makes complete sense.

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What hair style have you had that you most regret?

Chloe: When I was about 14, I chopped all my hair off to try and look like Gwyneth Paltrow from Sliding Doors but I looked like a boy and was often mistaken and spoken to as if I was a boy. For a 14 year old girl who wanted to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, you can imagine I was slightly mortified.

Poppy: Well Chloe was always very daring which I totally looked up to, but I was always safe with my hair – it was the same. It had to be for work though, I couldn’t go crazy as I’d be booked on jobs because of how my hair was and I remember there being times when people would ask if they could do something with my hair and I couldn’t let them.

So, if you could do anything with your hair what would you do?

Poppy: I would like to cut my hair off to a long bob but it’s a trend at the moment, so maybe I’ll do it when the phase is over. Everyone’s doing it now.

What do you envy most about each other’s hair?

Poppy: Chloe’s length! The Rapunzel-ness of it. It’s like princess hair.

Chloe: Poppy’s has so much movement. It just does stuff that mine can’t. I would need lots of product.

Do you have an ultimate hair hero?

Poppy: Definitely Laura Bailey. And Penelope Cruz always has mega hair.

What’s the best beauty tip you have picked up?

Poppy: We learnt one from our grandmother back in the day. She loved the Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Cream and she would literally coat her entire face in it and go to bed. We obviously wouldn’t do that but it worked for her because she looks amazing now! I love it for my eyelashes, when you wake up with it on you have Twiggy lashes. I also love using it as a natural highlighter.

Chloe: Also, the simplest one is just getting a good night’s sleep. It’s so great for your skin and the most natural way to look fresh.

You’re both doing lots of charity work this year – tell us more.

Chloe: In September, I’ll be launching five new tops with five top secret celebrities (obviously Poppy and Cara are involved) for the Lady Garden Campaign. We’re also going to be spreading the love to Australia and America which is very exciting. Also raising awareness around the world is so important as cervical cancer is the biggest killer of women. Getting people comfortable talking about their vaginas and the issues they have is so important! We don’t do it enough.

Poppy: I am working with Save the Children, and this Christmas we’re doing another Christmas jumper which I will be shooting for soon. But I am also organising a trip as next year will be 100 years of Save the Children which is incredible. They’re doing a huge push on different stories, and mine will be pneumonia which is actually the most common cause of death for children which I don’t think anyone knows. Nobody talks about it. So my aim will be to create as much awareness of this as possible.

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