Revlon Have Created A 2-in-1 Hybrid Hairdryer And Straightener

It just got a heck of a lot easier to achieve a salon slick blow dry at home.

Dyson may have blown our minds (and hair)with their Supersonic low-noise hairdryer, but it’s Revlon that just disrupted the beauty market with their new styling tool. Called the Revlon Pro Collection 360 Surround™ Styler it's part hair dryer, part straightener and fully game-changing. Though the 360 Surround™ Styler functions like a traditional hair dryer, its funnel is split in the middle to reveal its hybrid straightening functionality. As ever with any product that promises to be 2-in-1, you have to worry whether the product it’s only half as good as single purpose tool. However, by all accounts, this is superior.

According to Revlon, with the central funnel split in two, this tool can deliver 70% more hair drying coverage, which is ideal for when you’re in a rush to get out the door. However, with this increased power comes a need for more precision. Typical hair dryers funnel the heat down a singular tunnel, which can be angled at any part of the head. However, this requires the user to feed their wet hair between the two heated plates. This tool comes replete with conditioning ceramic and ionic technology to decrease heat damage and breakage, as well as added frizz control. However, we’d still recommend using a heat protection spray. Currently, this hair dryer, which costs £48.14 is only available to buy from Target in the US, but lucky for us they ship to the UK!

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