Standing out in a crowd: Rihanna\\\'s new pink hair certainly turns heads [Rex]


Who Knew Rihanna Liked Pink SO Much? Superstar Wears Bubblegum-Coloured Wig To Match Her Pretty In Pink Wardrobe

Who Knew Rihanna Liked Pink SO Much?

This Rihanna loves pink thing is only recent, you know. It seems like only the other day Miss Fenty had a goth-over with witchy green lipstick and floor-length black lace for the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Never before has the Barbadian popstrel worn so much of the most girlish of girly colours and now, just to top things off, her ever-changing locks have been changed (via some very clever wig-work) to the ultimate shade of bubblegum.

In the pink: @rihanna has been sharing her colour craze on Twitter

Never one to lack focus when it comes to channelling a look for a determinate period of time, could this herald a new wave of ultra-femininity for the girl who loves a tracksuit, a snap-back cap and ripped up jeans with a crop-top?

Pink'n'pearls: RiRi gets very girly at the Dior Cruise show [Rex]

We first really noticed the coy and cute new RiRi at Dior’s Cruise show in New York. Holding her pearl-studded hands shyly up to her face, that swishy ponytail and peplum-hemmed pink satin dress rang in a gearshift for this girl’s extensive wardrobe. Maybe it’s down to the removal of her instagram account but we’re noticing less of the @BadGalRiRi attitude and more of a Butter-Wouldn’t-Melt-RiRi.

The 'pinkvolution': From accessories to hair to a digi-portrait fronting her Twitter account [Rex, Twitter]

Debuting her rad new ‘do on 2014’s alternative front row - that’s a ball game, folks - she upheld the pink theme by digging out a matchy mini Givenchy bag from last year, wearing pale-pink two-strap sandals and ensuring that her manicure was rose-tinted to boot. Even her Twitter profile picture has been changed in accordance with the new pink rules - from the many fan illustrations already flooding in, Rih is now using a computer-generated cartoon featuring her fancy bangs.

What do you think? Pretty in pink? Or too cute to be cool?

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