Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hairvolution: From Perms To Ombré Waves

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hairvolution


Whilst she might be known for her Manolos, any beauty aficionado will be quick to tell you that when it comes to SJP, it really is all about the hair. From big and blonde to brown and cropped to dip-dyed waves, it’s safe to say that Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair has gone through one heck of a hairvolution over the course of her stellar career.

Already in the limelight by the age of 15 when she took to the stage as little orphan Annie in the musical, SJP really has proved herself quite the hair chameleon. Throughout the 80’s, Sarah Jessica rocked some pretty awesome do’s- perms and fringes were topped off with neon make-up and bright lips.

In 1998, the world was introduced to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City, and with her bouncy blonde curls and bold fashion choices, the rest really was history, as they say! The early noughties saw us ogling over Carrie’s amazing beauty looks- from wild and curly to sleek and straight, one might say our fave columnist’s tresses had more ups and downs than her relationship with Big…

When it comes to the red carpet, it’s safe to say SJP gets our glamour vote every time- never failing to make an entrance with her incredible up-do’s, sleek side partings, and stunning headpieces, there’s always tons of body and volume. Take note, ladies!

So how has SJP managed to carry off such a plethora of stunning looks? Rumours over the years have suggested that the 48-year-old actress has worked with a dizzying array of celeb hairdressers, always keen for a fresh set of scissors on her mane to keep her naturally curly tresses looking slick and up-to-date.

Check out our SJP’s best hair moments in our gallery above…

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