Here Comes The Bride! 56 Pretty Wedding Hairstyles

Plus 5 hacks for better wedding hair

You’ve found the man, the venue, the dress and the cake – now to pick that perfect hairstyle for your big day. If you’re in need of inspiration, we're here to help.

We've scoured the catwalks and found no less than 51 gorgeous wedding hairstyles to inspire you. Whether you're opting for a traditional veil, an understated hair accessory or an intricate bridal up-do, find the wedding look to suit you in our 2016 guide, and scroll down for our how-to tips and top five wedding day hair hacks.

50+ wedding hairstyle ideas for brides-to-be


5 Wedding Hair Hacks

Whatever style you choose, these touch-up tricks will make sure your wedding hairstyle looks great from ‘I do’ till dawn.

  1. Pack a toothbrush: Not only will having a toothbrush in your clutch be handy if you want a quick freshen-up after dinner, it’s a great tool for teasing flat locks back to life. Use your toothbrush to tease out a few strands and add extra volume to your wedding hairstyle (epecially if you opt for a braided do).

  2. Bobby pins: Chances are that if you’re opting for a wedding up-do, at some point a stray hair is going to come loose. Make sure you have a few extra pins packed and a bridesmaid on hand to do a little repair-work so that you don’t have to dig around in your hair to find one and make matters worse.

  3. Turn that pin upside down: And on the subject of bobby pins, you do know you’ve been using them upside down, right? The curved edge should face down, with the flat side facing up. Good, glad we’ve cleared that up.

  4. Props: If you’ve got a fringe, at some point in the night (peak party hour, most likely) you’ll want to get your bangs out of your face to keep them sweat-free. How about having a novelty headdress or tiara handy to sweep your bangs back?

  5. Have a back-up plan: If you’re rocking a down-do, you may want your hair out of your face for party time, or if you’re working a wedding up-do hairstyle, the chances are it may come loose at some point. If this happens, you’ll need a plan B. So think about what styles would work as a conversion on-site, and prep a friend to help you. Whether it’s a simple side braid or a quick but elegant French pleat, you’ll feel better knowing you’ve got a plan in place for hair catastrophes.


Still not sure which style to go for? We quizzed Ollie Blackaby, Art Ambassador for Headmasters about this season’s prettiest wedding styles, and he agreed to talk us through five of the most on-trend bridal looks of the season.

Each of these styles are available at your local Headmasters, if you’re not feeling brave enough to pull them off yourself. (Understandable, if you’re about to walk down the aisle. You’re better off putting your feet up and having a pre-wedding glass of champers while you’re given the full prep treatment.)

Ollie, over to you:

The Alice Band Braid

The Alice Band Braid

“This is perfect for the girl with epic hair but who would like to keep it off her face - ideal for a hot summer wedding. To keep this look romantic, make sure there is a veil of hair falling around the hairline and the braid has been relaxed by teasing it with your fingers. This will give the overall look a soft, relaxed feel. You can forget about it all day but know it will always look immaculate.”

Up Town Pleat

Up-Town Plait

“If you want your hair swept up, then this is for you. The key for a hair-up is for it to look effortless, but not messy. Small amounts of softness will keep it looking elegant. My top tip is to create height on the top of the head, and keep the sides clean and tight. The pleat should be placed to enhance your jaw line as this will give plenty of scope for a veil or head piece.”

The Wedding

The Wedding

“Want something cool, but with more detail? This look is perfect and gives new meaning to the top knot. This is perfect if you have shorter hair as the braids help trap the hair in place. By lightly backcombing the base of the knot you will create the illusion of lots of hair.”

The Modern Muse

Modern Muse

“Not sure if you want your hair all down, or with a bit pinned back? The Muse is a perfect compromise - it’s cool, but also super pretty. By taking the front section away from the face and securing it on the top of the head you add height. Then tong soft waves into the hair to create a perfect frame for the face.”

The Ultimate Polished Pony

Ultimate Polished Pony

“For the uber-cool bride - turn your classic pony into something special. Create maximum silhouette by adding height at the crown and then tong and secure the pony at the nape of the neck. This will enhance your profile and make you look taller than ever before.”

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