The Beauty Essentials To Pack This Festival Season

You'll thank us later...

Unless you're glamping in a luxury yurt with a slew of A-listers, it's fair to say that festivals are not the most glamorous of events. Late nights, copious amounts of alcohol and sleeping under a poorly assembled tent don't always lend themselves to radiant skin and glossy hair, but that's not to say that you have to slum it completely...

Whether you're planning to spend the weekend at Wilderness, Glastonbury or Secret Garden Party, follow our festival beauty commandments for a fresh-faced and fuss-free weekend...

Opt for face wipes over face wash

It's very rare that you'll see us advocating face wipes, but festivals are one of those needs-must occasions. Tents - or worse, communal washing areas - just aren't the place to embark on a multi-step cleansing regime, and it's perfectly possible to hunt down wipes promising non-astringent formulas and a host of skincare benefits. We recommend Olé Henriksen, Neutrogena and Simple.

Embrace dry shampoo, it's your new best friend

You're at a festival, ergo, you are going to become very closely acquainted with the phenomenon that is dry shampoo. To avoid the tell-tale chalky white residue at the roots, it's worth investing in a slightly pricier formula - insider approved favourites include those by Philip Kingsley and French pharmacy brand Klorane, though Toni&Guy's offering is an easily accessible alternative.

Try a braided hairstyle

Photo: @the_braid_bar

The best way to distract attention from your unwashed, heavily dry-shampooed hair? Braids. We're talking french plaits, halo braids, braided up-dos - the more intricate, the better. Check out our handy braid tutorials, or if you're still left a little baffled, investigate the on-site braid bar options.

Choose waterproof eye make-up

Whether you're standing stoically in a rainstorm or sobbing your way through an Adele headline set, upgrade your eye make-up to a waterproof formula for the weekend to ward off smudges and panda eyes. If you're feeling really fancy, investigate lash primers for a longer-lasting finish.

Treat your nails to a gel manicure

Somehow, chipped nails look ten times worse when you're putting up a tent in a muddy field. A gel manicure is a worthwile investment, and will see you through the weekend and beyond. Not planned ahead and booked an appointment? Look out for long-lasting gel formulas on the high street to extend the life of your DIY paint job.

Embrace face glitter - in moderation...

Festival season is one of the only times you can just about get away with wearing glitter as a grown-up, so make the most of it. Gleaming pots of finely-milled sparkle might look ever so appealing on your pre-festival Boots trip, but traipse back to your tent wearing rosé-tinted glasses and you will end up spilling them all over your tent, your tent-mate and all your worldly possessions. We'd recommend opting for a liquid liner or shimmering pressed shadow instead.

Don't forget your SPF

Yes, you're standing in a field during the Great British Summer, but that doesn't mean that you won't burn. If it's not already part of your day-to-day beauty regime (and trust us, it should be), choose a facial moisturiser with SPF protection, then top up throughout the day. La Roche Posay's handy mist spray lets you stay protected without having to sacrifice your face of make-up.

Having slept in many a tent and stood in sweaty crowds aplenty, we've compiled our essential guide to fuss-free festival hair and make-up. Get this clever lot on your packing list pronto…


Festival Packing Checklist

These things aren't glamorous, but they are essential.

  • Bin Bags. Arguably one of the most important things you'll take (joint tied with the second thing on this list, actually) these are multi-purpose. Need somewhere to put all your rubbish to stop your campsite turning into a scene from Lord of the Flies? Bin bag. Need somewhere to sit when your deck chair has been stolen? Bin bag. Need an impromptu poncho when the weather turns and you were too optimistic to bring one? Bin bag.
  • Toilet rolls. Trust us, the portaloo will run out, and it will be when you need it the most. If you carry one thing around with you for the entirety of the festival, make it this.
  • Hand sanitiser. Look, festivals are gross, but you don't have to be. This will be your best friend after eating, before eating, after using the toilet and after touching the floor.
  • Gaffer tape. Comes in handy for tent-business.
  • A pair of flip flops you don't mind throwing away. To wear when walking around your little tent area in the mornings rather than pulling your wellies on.
  • A torch. When the sun goes down, you'll be thankful. Bonus use: To tell scary stories around the camp fire.
  • Travel Johns. These disposable 'Johns' full of crystals that turn to gel will be a life-saver when you need the loo at 5am.
  • A refillable water bottle. With all that walking around, sun exposure and drinking, you're going to get dehydrated. Having a water bottle you can constantly fill up is going to drastically reduce your chances of getting ill.

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