10 Things You Only Know If You're A Lipstick Lover

Oh so relatable.

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Do you never step out of the house without your trusty lipstick on? Does a glossy red hue hold the key to your heart? Do you feel near to naked when you're not flaunting a bright pout? If so, then it's safe to say that you're a bonafide lipstick lover.

Seeing as most of us have some form of emotional attachment to our lipsticks (yep, we're not embarassed to admit it), we decided to team up with Bourjois to reveal the things that you only know if you're truly obsessed with your lippy.

1. You've become a pro at applying lipstick

You can do it with your eyes closed, on the tube, while standing up - the list goes on. It's a true talent.

2. When you find a lipstick you fall in love with, you buy it in bulk

We know this only too well, because we're currently stocking up on the Bourjois Rouge Lacque lipstick collection, which is bloody brilliant.

3. You struggle to commit to wearing one colour

Because there's so many choices out there, so why limit yourself to just one colour?

4. Deciding which shade to wear is your biggest life dilemma

Considering that certain lipstick shades can affect your mood and confidence, we reckon that this really is an important decision.

5. You have a specific colour for every occasion

Red for date night, nude for work, pink for parties...

6. You're the go-to lipstick guru in your group of friends

And your responsibilties include dishing out lipstick application advice and lending your collection.

7. You can't remember what your natural lip colour looks like

But you also don't care, because you have an amazing array of lippies.

8. You prioritise lipstick touch-ups over kissing

No man will ever make you feel the way a long-lasting, rich pigmented lip lacquer will. Fact.

9. You can't even count how many lipsticks you own

But you still keep on buying more.

10. Lipstick compliments mean everything to you

Forget outfit compliments, the key to your heart lies in your lipstick.

The Bourjois Rouge Laque lipstick collection, which features 8 stylish shades, is available in-store and online now. Plus, don't forget to vote on the 11th April for your favourite lip look to help one blogger become a Bourjois Beauty Ambassador. To find out how, click here! #letsplaylips

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