5 Days & 5 Spring Lipsticks

Statement mouths are huge for spring. Rose Beer, Grazia’s Beauty and Health Director gets in the mood with Bourjois’ latest lip launch.

The spring /summer season revealed a veritable array of luscious lip colours across the fashion capitals. And from the versions in cherry, to those in chocolate, raspberry, rose and fuchsia, I want the lot.

That said, I have a fear of lipstick. Yes – This is a girl who gets out her most prized lippie probably twice a year for special occasions. Because as someone who wants to talk constantly, eat loads and dance for hours – I’ve always got a niggling feeling that lipstick might get in the way of having an excellent time. Even a hint of smearing, smudging or just the need to reapply could distract from potential fun.

Still, keen to embrace colour (because summer’s coloured lips look so blooming good), I want to rethink. Conveniently, the arrival of the new Bourjois Rouge Laque liquid lipsticks, £6.99 mean wearing a statement mouth is relatively easy – even for people like me. With a punchy 16 hours wear, a super lightweight texture, fashion-forward intense pigments and scrumptious shine, they’re kind of great. Plus, an unusually nourishing formula means they’re comfortable to wear as well.

I’m giving myself five days and five lipsticks…

Monday: It’s 6am, It’s been a big weekend and I need to get to the office to prep for a meeting. I want trainers and a sloppy jumper. Instead I am pulling on heels and swiping on Bourjois Rouge Laque Number 3. A washed-out brick, it looks pretty cool with denim. Unbelievably it’s still in place on the way home…

Tuesday: Today I have picked the punchy, plummy Number 7. I exfoliate my lips with sugar first and pop it on. My lips feel comfortable and well-nourished post application and it survives a hearty breakfast. I reckon this shade would look brilliant on brunettes and those with darker skin tones.

Wednesday: Blue-based red lipsticks do an excellent job at making teeth look white and I’m pretty impressed by the brightening powers of Number 8. By lunch time I have almost forgotten that my mouth is wearing fuchsia – This formula is seriously light.

Thursday: I’m getting used to this lipstick lark and reach for the rosey Number 6. I umm and ahh over whether to wear a dress or jeans and plump with the latter. A gorgeous pink lip dresses up even the lowest key outfit and makes blue eyes pop!

Friday: For day five I decide I fancy more of a lip stain rather than a full-on statement mouth. Try using a forefinger to pat the tomato red Number 4 onto the centre of the mouth blending the pigment outwards to create a soft-focused modern outer edge.

I think I’m a convert….


Here at Grazia we have teamed up with our pals at Bourjois to find four brand new beauty ambassadors. So if you’re an aspiring lifestyle blogger and love beauty – this might be the competition for you.

To enter all you need to do is send us a vlog or blog. The subject is ‘Best Lip Tips’. Get creative and tell us about your favourite lip looks – what do you love and why.

Four winners will then be picked and sent the brilliant Rouge Laque range from Bourjois. You’ll be expected to create content using the range, show us ‘A Day in the Life of a Lipstick Lover’, and promote your work on your own social channels. Grazia, and Bourjois will then feature your content on their official channels and get your work seen.

All of your content and your profiles will also be added to this page, and for an even more amazing prize, Grazia and The Debrief readers will get to vote for a favourite ambassador. The grand winner will get to go on an incredible trip to Paris, fashion capital of the world!

To enter, tag #letsplaylips in your vlog or blog, and send us the link and your details here.

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