These Are The 5 Biggest Makeup Looks On Instagram Right Now

For any beauty fan, Instagram is a never ending source of inspiration. From selfies to shelfies, whether you’re looking for makeup ideas or product recommendations, Instagram is likely to have the answer.

Instagram is also where many beauty trends now begin, and in a new report from the social media giant they have shared what is currently trending the platform. From looking at the use of hashtags, Instagram can identify what is popular

When it comes to makeup, the majority of posts are either are about nails (26%), eyes (21%) and lips (21%).

Eye looks prove particularly popular on the platform and the most-shared look currently is the classic winged eyeliner.

The other top trending looks are as follows:

1) Winged eyeliner


2) Smoky eyes


3) False eyelashes


4) Cut crease


5) Glitter eyes


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