Glossier Is Letting You Choose What Product It Makes Next

It's all stations go at cult US beauty brand Glossier. Hot on the heels of the news that it will be shipping to the UK in the imminent future, they've now announced that there's a new product in the works - and this time, it's a candle. Taking to the brand's website Into The Gloss, Glossier's skincare product developer Melissa Souto (dream job or what?) revealed the news, asking readers for their thoughts on what the ultimate millennial, Instagrammable candle, should smell like.

'Don’t worry so much about top notes and bases and any technical jargon (unless you’re into it, in which case, flaunt your accord knowledge by all means); I want to talk about vibe. When you fire up this baby, what mood are you looking to set? Where do you want the scent to take you? You can’t afford a Swiss Alps vacation, but maybe a candle is a good compromise for a ski chalet. Or maybe it’s more personal than that,' she wrote.

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There have already been 546 comments on the post, with the general consensus being that a fresh, unfussy, potentially floral scent would be best - in keeping with the Glossier minimalist aesthetic, natch.

'Not too perfumey, not too herbaceous, not that fake "clean" smell,' wrote one commenter, Nancy. 'Like a vaguely botanical, refined, unfussy smell. So, I've actually been in the Glossier office space and if the candle could smell like the way I felt walking in there, I would buy a dozen.'

Another, Lisa, wrote: 'If you could develop something that smells like you've got your life sorted that would be a-okay, but also like you've just been cutting roses because if you have time to grow roses you must have your life together, right?'

It's no surprise that Glossier want to get a well-manicured finger in the candle business pie - after all, founder Emily Weiss has revealed previously that she burns Byredo's Burning Rose in the brand's showroom every day.

The news comes after other recent new product lunches - from its cake-flavoured lipbalms to its suncream - which have added to the pink-tinged brand's beauty prestige in recent months.

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