Grazia’s Beauty Editor Shares Her Greatest Lip Tricks

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Working at Grazia as the Associate Beauty Editor often evokes readers, friends and even family to ask for my beauty advice. The tricks and tips that we often hear backstage at fashion week from experts, and what the world’s greatest beauty advocates really swear by, are clever, interesting and incredibly beneficial. I have a passion for all things lips, I love lipsticks, balms, tints and stains and was thrilled to share with you, my top lip tricks, below…

What colours work best as a lip liner?

For me personally, I’m not a big fan of a dark lip liner against a neutral lip, as it can often look dated. I much prefer the lip liner I'm wearing to match the lipstick, or even better, I like to choose lip liners that match the natural colour of my lips. There are also clear lip liners on the market, that again can be worn with a variety of different lip colours and will prevent any colour from bleeding outside the lip line.

Do you believe that you should only rock an eye look or a lip look?

I think worn correctly you shouldn't have to choose between either a lip or an eye look. For everyday a simple eye and a bold lip can look great, but for evening a smouldering smoky eye worn with the right shade of lipstick, can look exquisite.

What is the one thing you can’t do without in your make up bag?

Picking one is tricky, so I'd have to say three. Concealer, lipstick and mascara. With those three things I can be ready anytime and anywhere. Sometimes I smudge my mascara into my lash line for a smoky eye look, and I'll wear my lipstick tapped onto my cheeks as a blush. You can pretty much create a whole look just using those three things.

What is your essential make-up routine?

I always think that preparation is key. A well exfoliated face, that's hydrated will hold make-up much better than one that's dry and flaky. Before I apply any makeup I make sure I exfoliate, apply eye cream, then my favourite serum followed by an SPF. Then I'm ready for my makeup.

I start with my eyes, applying a shadow primer, then a neutral cream eyeshadow for every day, followed by liquid liner and mascara. Next I add concealer under my eyes, and sometimes around my nose if it's a little red, followed by a tinted moisturiser or foundation.

I powder under my eyes to set the concealer, add a touch of bronzer under my cheekbones and across my forehead, and a smear of blush over my cheekbones. Highlighter, for me is really important to make skin pop, especially if I’m feeling a little bit tired, I apply it over the tops of my cheekbones and down my nose.

I like to leave my lipstick until last. When I know I have the right shade I can swipe it on as I'm walking out the door. I’m really into liquid lipsticks at the moment and Bourjouis’ Rouge Laque, £6.99 is without a doubt one of my favourites. I apply it as a lip gloss, it dries into a lipstick and pretty much stains my lips for a full 12 hours.

Who is your lipstick wearing icon?

Probably my mum, she always wears something incredibly bright- oranges, pinks and reds are her go-tos, even throughout winter. She’s always told me that a bright lipstick can set off a plain black outfit, and she's right. Although I tend to stick with more neutral palette for every day, when I'm feeling inspired by my mum I'll pick up a punchy coral.

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