L’Oreal Paris Launches New Campaign To Boost Young People’s Confidence

L’Oreal Paris have long been advocates of self-love. And now, the beauty giant has partnered up with The Princes Trust to launch the ‘because we’re all worth it’ campaign.

With a loyal legion of fans under 30, L’Oreal Paris knows all too well the problems millennials face. Uneven complexions and lifeless hair aside, the biggest, is confidence.

Crippled by bludgeoning notions of happiness and success, young people can be left feeling vulnerable and low. L’Oreal Paris' aim is to ‘turn self-doubt into self-worth’, and it’s using ambassadors Helen Mirren and Cheryl Cole to do so. The initiative believes that confidence is the biggest barrier to success and so ‘working together, [L’Oreal Paris and The Princes Trust] want to remove this barrier and help them reach their potential’.

And the link to beauty? Well, we can all testify to having a spring in our step with a slick of our favourite lipstick. A means of expression and an affirmation of our identity, make-up spikes our serotonin and in turn, boosts our confidence. That said, this programme is inclusive of everyone, whether a makeup wearer or not. Both partners are leveraging their collective know-how and experience with millennials to change the way they perceive themselves and most importantly their potential. In addition to a confidence course that will run alongside existing activities and programmes at the 18 UK Prince’s Trust centres, there will also be two ‘worth it’ spaces in Kennington and Salford respectively. And because some are limited by mobility and geography, there’s an online programme too. The various facets of such programmes include relationships, body language, interview, and employability skills.

In the words of Cheryl (according a recent Instagram that’s bursting with love and pride), ‘here’s to changing lives’.

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