This Is How Much The Average British Woman Spends On Makeup In Her Lifetime

As anyone who has ever lost their makeup bag will know, a full face of slap does not come cheap.

In fact, research from online beauty retailer, found that the average woman will spend almost £22,000 on make-up products in their lifetime.

They calculated that the average total to be £21,420, which works out at £306 per year. That’s a lot of trips to Boots…

Sound like a crazy figure? That might be because their calculations are based on the assumption that everyone stops using a product when it reaches it sell by date, not when it is empty. And we all know we don’t abide by those rules religiously…

For example you supposed to replace a mascara every four to six months, and if you did, over a lifetime this would set you back around £3,150. Whereas concealers tend to last up to a year, so a lifetime supply would be more like £2,240.

Having said this, the survey also doesn’t bear in mind the amount of money spent on products that get bought but hardly ever used, or emergency duplicates we may have to by on-the-go.

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