This Is The Perfect Winter Fragrance

What is it?

A divine duo of travel fragrances from Shay & Blue, because one perfume in your handbag just won’t do.

They say:

'Two rich and seasonal scents that display an exquisite range of senses and smells.'

We say:

For a warming winter scent, turn to Atropa Belladonna, for its smooth melange of dark cassis berries, jasmine and bourbon vanilla. Alternatively, if you’re feeling in a light and airy mood, Framboise Noire’s blend of black raspberry, forest berries and iris will leave those passing by leaning in for a whiff. Which could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you’re with.

Where can I get it?

Buy online at for £45 - or subscribe to Grazia now at for £5 a month and get it for free!

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