Sephora Won't Be Coming To The UK After All

We'd cry, but we don't want to smudge our mascara

If you’re a committed beauty devotee, you might want to sit down before reading this, because we come bearing bad news. Ready? After months of teasing us, it seems that US make-up giant Sephora probably won’t be coming to the UK after all.

Back in September, visitors to Westfield Stratford noticed a holding space branded with the Sephora logo, giving rise to the assumption that the chain was gearing up to expand across the pond once again (after opening – and then closing – a handful of stores in the South of England between 1999 and 2005).

However, the brand never actually confirmed the rumours, and now beauty writer Jane Cunningham of British Beauty Blogger has quashed our hopes for good.

In a recent blog post rounding up industry news, Jane writes, ‘So, the latest updates on will-they-won’t-they come to the UK is that… brace yourselves… they won’t.’


She continues:

‘It's very hard to know quite how this story began but at a certain point Sephora were definitely sounding out brands about stocking in the UK. Sephora is zero on communication so getting a definitive answer about their plans is a hopeless task. I reckon they were seriously looking at it and lost their nerve. In fact, I think it's way too late for them.’

There is, however, the tiniest glimmer of hope: branded concessions opened up in JC Penney department stores across the US as late as 2015, and as Jane points out, ‘there can’t NOT have been discussions for this model in the UK.’ The best we can possibly hope for, then, is a similar model starting out over here, as a way for the brand to test the waters.

For now, you’ll find us handing over our life savings in order to pay for Sephora’s prohibitive UK shipping costs…

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