These Are The People Tom Ford Named His New Lipsticks After

Luxury beauty brand Tom Ford have recently released 56 new lipsticks - 6 Boys and 50 Girls - in the Lips & Boys collection, which have been named after 100 of Ford's closest friends. Ah, to have friends in high places.

Divided into Boys and Girls categories, the latter lipsticks are housed in white tubes and feature more shimmery and sheer colours. Meanwhile, the Boys lipsticks come encased in dark mahogany tubes and are more pigmented and matte in colour and finish.

The Boys collection, which launched last year, already features shades named after high-profile celebrities including Drake (which, by the, is a lipstick in a gorgeous, shimmery purple hue).

And that's what's most exciting about the collection - the fact that Ford has ambiguously named the lipsticks after his nearest and dearest. While he hasn't confirmed exactly who the latest addition of lipsticks are inspired by, one can only guess...


Could this be Lena Dunham, or even Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey? We think so.


This most definitely looks like a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shade. Natural, subtle, and well, rosy.


Naomi Campbell is ofted spotted dressed head-to-toe in Tom Ford, so we reckon this lipstick is an ode to the supermodel.


Seeing a resemblance between this rich, sultry shade, and the lipstick colours that Scarlett Johansson wears? We are, too.


Now, there are quite a few celebrity Lily's out there: Lily Cole, Lily Collins, Lily James, Lily Allen - which one could it be?


With such a unique lipstick name, we're pretty sure that Ford named this hue after actress Dakota Fanning. No surprise there, as she often rocks baby pink lipstick.


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