Yellow Blush Is The Latest Beauty Trend Taking Over Instagram


Yellow Blush Is The Latest Beauty Trend Taking Over Instagram

Yes, it's a thing.

When you think of blusher, what tones spring to mind? 50 shades of pink perhaps? Okay sure, peachy / apricot pigments stole the limelight last season but for SS17 the biggest make-up trend to take over our social feeds is, um, unexpected to say the least. Say hello to YELLOW BLUSH.

‘Most of us already have yellow tones that naturally occur in our skin,’ according to Allure. ‘So yellow blush just accentuates what we've got and gives our beauty routine a new brightening booster.’

‘Brooklyn-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes assured us that the bright hue is indeed a universally flattering shade, and the same rings true when you're applying it to your cheekbones.’ Well, we’ll try anything…

Make no exceptions, Sunny D contouring is the ultimate high fashion statement, with a plethora of designers showcasing daffodil dresses and zesty ensembles. And when we caught up with fashion psychologist Dr Carolyn Mair at London College of Fashion recently, she said wearing the bright hue can in fact lift ones’ spirits due to its happy-go-lucky associations.

Instagram / @lotstar

For a (slightly) less fashion peacock vibe – we’re into celebrity make-up artist Lottie S’ approach to yellow blush, whose clients include Alexa Chung and Solange. She has opted for a buttercup stain to sculpt the cheekbones; keeping the rest of the face fresh and flawless. As well as Michael Antony’s more orange pigmented, ‘70s-style creation.

To DIY the trend at home? You can try ‘draping’ (which essentially means brushing) MAC’s ‘Chrome Yellow’ matte eyeshadow lightly to create a soft, flushed look.

Grazia's final verdict: This is the ultimate experimental makeover for summer, and one that is perhaps best left in the hands of the pros…Or festival season.

Main image from L-R: Via Instagram / @alicia_de_los_reyes; @linhhair

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