Would You Try 'Bubble' Nails - The Latest Nail Art Craze?

Would you try 'Bubble' nails - the latest nail art trend?

Today we bring you news of a new nail art craze sweeping social media. 'Bubble' nails, or 'Hump' nails, are being cited as the latest nail craze on Instagram and beyond - although they actually date back to 2009, according to Nails Magazine.

What are bubble nails?

The term 'bubble nails' derived from the curved effect, which is created by a round of acrylic fixed at the centre of the nail, then shaped into a bubble-esque dome.

According to Mashable, the craze for Hump nails originates in a salon in Philadelphia, and the piece in Nails Magazine explains how nail technicians can get the look:

"Bubble nails require building and sculpting of the acrylic until you get the look your client wants to achieve. You have to know exactly where the hump is supposed to be, then slowly build the nails. You start with a ball of acrylic in the middle of the nail, which is the highest part of the hump. The nail has to be thin at the cuticle, then it gradually gets thicker as it gets to the middle of the nail plate. Then from the middle of the nail plate it has to gradually get thinner at the tip of the nail, like a nice smooth hill. The curve has to be perfect."

How do I achieve bubble nails myself at home?

This YouTube tutorial below explains how to get the desired shape. But would you want to try the Bubble nail look next time you go for a mani?


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