The Best Nail Art Trends To Try This Winter

Winter is all about swaddling yourself in soft knits, long scarfs, rain-proof boots and five pairs of socks as we battle the hostile weather conditions. But, in our endeavour to cover every inch of skin from the harsh weather, it can be hard to feel pampered - especially as we can hardly see the point of straightening our hair anymore. There is, however, one way to feel a little more glamourous in the dreary weather - something that will up your dopamine levels when you most need it. We're talking about a good old fashioned manicure, with a twist.

Take a look at the newest and prettiest nail art designs; they might just banish those winter blues.

Chrome Nails

Pictures: Pinterest

Chrome nails are very popular in the Pinterest and Instagram communities, and for good reason. It's hard to feel blue on your morning commute when you have silver nails, no?

Holographic Nails

Pictures: Pinterest

Capturing all of our mermaid fantasies, holographic nails are mesmerising and very stand-out. If you get some we bet you will be looking at them all day.

Instagram: @bkt_nails

Wire Nails

Pictures: @nail_unistella

Wire nails are harder to achieve, but oh-so pretty. Essentially, they are 3D sculpture designs that sit on the nail, and no colour is needed for them to stand out. Typing away at work will be twice the fun with gold nails, guaranteed.

Instagram: @nail_unistella

Unicorn Nails

If there was anything that was going to make you happy when it's raining, it's these amazing unicorn-inspired nails. We can't get enough.

Pierced Nails

Kim Kardashian recently upped the nail game altogether when she showed off her pierced (yeah, pierced) nails. We can't help but think although it looks cool at first glance, they are terribly impractical and damaging to the nails (though Kim's are probably fake).

For more nail art designs and inspiration, search #nailfie on Instagram. Don't neglect your pinkies!

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