There's Now A Nude Nail Polish For Every Skin Tone

There's Now A Perfect Nude Nail Polish For Every Skin Tone

Nude nails are always in fashion. What's chicer than a healthy, buffed, glowing nail? A pristine nude is equal parts elegant and sporty - but if your skin's not fair, finding a polish that'll look natural isn't easy.

Enter butter LONDON, a brand we've long admired for their beautiful colours and nail-nourishing treatments and base coats (including their must-try Nail Foundation, £15). In that vein, they've now brought out Sheer Wisdom (£15), a range of tinted moisturisers for your nails. And even better - there's a shade for every skin tone.

Sheer Widsom will hydrate dry and damaged nails with antioxidant Vitamin E, while Tea Tree Oil will help revitalise brittle, flaky nails. Add in some keratin to help build stronger nails and you've got one heck of a densifying mix - the pretty, nude colour is almost just a bonus at this point.

We salute butter LONDON's inclusive shade range - after all, beauty certainly comes in many, many colours. Will you be picking up a bottle when they launch in February?

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