9 Face Sprays To Help You Stay Cool In The Heatwave

Whether you’re headed for the beach or just trying to keep cool at your desk this summer, adding one of these cooling facial sprays to your skincare regime will give your skin the hydration hit it needs this season.

Whether(/weather) or not the sun chooses to shine. With prices from £3 to £55, we’ve found the best facial spritz’ for every budget.

Shop the best face sprays for hydrated skin this summer, now:


These water-based skincare quick fixes are first and foremost loved for their cooling properties, but they also boast many Brucey-bonus benefits, just look out for key ingredients.

Aloe vera soothes and calms hot or sunburnt skin, so it’s a must for your beach bag face spray.

Lavender essential oil also gives skin a shot of calm (while helping you relax, too) so it’s a great choice for an in-flight hydration hit.

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant and provides an anti-ageing hit, while coconut water is great for detoxing.

We’d recommend a spritz first thing in the morning after moisturising to give your skin an instant boost, but carry your chosen face spray around with you to refresh your skin (and give your makeup a boost – yes, really) whenever you’re feeling frazzled.

You can also use your chosen face spray applied straight to the skin on a cotton pad to clean, dry skin to increase its effectiveness at the end of the day.

Make one of the best face sprays for summer your must-have desk-side beauty essential, now.

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