Blogger Tanya Burr Reveals Her Diary In Pictures

Blogger Tanya Burr Reveals Her Diary In Pictures


YouTube Sensation Tanya Burr is a 24-year-old beauty expert, who has taken the video-sharing site by storm with her accessible and aspirational make-up and style tutorials. At the forefront of beauty, Tanya is also followed for her fashion flare. Last season she sat front row at shows for designers such as Mulberry, Topshop Unique and Burberry. Now you can see what she gets up to in a typical week with her Grazia diary in pics…

This week Tanya reflected on her relationship with bestie Kate Gowing, sharing a throwback picture of herself hanging out with her. She also spent a lot of time with fiancee Jim. Whether it was working out (and showing him she could do 1000 press ups), cooking a tasty dinner, going on a lunch date hanging out in the sunshine, they were attached at the hip. Tanya also worked on her make-up line during the week... while wearing a totally profesh onesie of course.

**Check out Tanya Burr's week in pictures above and visit her website for more.**

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