You Won't Believe Kate Middleton's Secret Beauty Hack

Kate Middleton is well-known for her glowing, youthful complexion; whether she's at a red-carpet premiere or charity appearance, her skin always looks incredible.

Now Deborah Mitchell, the beautician responsible for prepping Kate's skin for big events including her wedding and the BAFTAs, has revealed her surprising beauty hack.

Speaking on This Morning, the celebrity facialist, whose clients include Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and even the Queen, shared a homemade scrub she uses on her clients made from Nutella, sugar and lip balm.

'I've actually used this at home, and I've actually used this on some of my clients – not naming any names,' she said. (Oh Deborah, just tell us!)

While she didn't confirm whether or not she has used the frankly delicious-sounding mixture on the Duchess, we'll still be trying this out at home.

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