In This Week’s Grazia: Amber & Johnny’s Shock Divorce Twist

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Hollywood’s most explosive divorce battle of 2016 has already resurfaced in the New Year. As well as accusations on both sides of ‘divorce forestalling’, Johnny’s adamant that Amber pays $100,000 of legal fees. Yet Amber, amid turbulence over her domestic violence claims, as well as financial woes, is keen to move on and start afresh. Subscribe or pick up your copy of Grazia today for the full story.

Layer Up

Already wrapping up with layer upon layer of clothing to beat the harsh winter? Well, it’s time to apply the same concept to your beauty routine. From cleansers to creams, from serums to sunscreens. Download the Grazia Extra mobile app to find out when, where and how to apply them – without going overboard.

Why 'Ghosting' Can Be The Kindest Option

Could the highly criticised modern dating phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ – where suddenly freezing someone out of your life – actually be a healthier way of ending a relationship? Perhaps for dating and casual flings, it’s better not to break the silence with a humiliating explanation. To decide for yourself and Subscribe to Grazia.

The Uprise of Dopamine Dressing

It may still be dry January, but fashion’s new focus is anything but dull. Cue dopamine dressing: pieces so wonderfully weird that you just can’t help but smile. From Anya Hindmarch’s googley-eyed crossbody bag to Topshop’s sunshine-yellow slip dress, inject a bit of positivity into your wardrobe this month. Subscribe to Grazia for our pick of the best feel-good pieces.

The Secret Diary Of A Lapdancer

A Bristol undergraduate opens up to Grazia about her 18-month venture into stripping when faced with the mounting costs of studying at university. She tells all from spanking grooms during stag dos, to hiding the truth from her parents, to her battles with declining self-esteem. Subscribe to Grazia to read her emotional story.

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