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Cover Story: The Truth Behind Jennifer's Reinvention

In this week’s Grazia we delve into rumours around J-Law’s ‘reinvention’ since dating film director Darren Aronofsky. Friends reveal their concerns that she has become a ‘completely different person’ and that Aronofsky is behind a shift in the kooky image that Jennifer is best known for. Pick up your copy of Grazia or subscribe today for the full story.

Brangelina Consciously Un-Couple

In this week’s Grazia we speak exclusively to Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ guru who is rumoured to be working with Brangelina, following their split. After months at war, the process is said to support couples to part amicably. Will this new approach work? Download Grazia Extra mobile app to learn more...

Get Ready To Reveal All

Individuality is being hailed now more than ever and this week we explore the products that help you champion your complexion rather than hide it, in a backlash against the full-makeup look. We celebrate what is real, freckles, rosy cheeks and even those under-eye circles. Grab a copy or subscribe for more...

Zawe Ashton: 'I Realised I'd Been Whitewashed'

Zawe Ashton talks about her most controversial role yet in series Guerrilla – a study of the British wing of the Black Panthers in London, 1971. In her role, Zawe draws inspiration from activist Angela Davis and discusses how she realised she had been whitewashed as she had never been taught about these historical moments in school. Download Grazia Extra mobile app to find out more.

Sunglasses Special

Now that sunnies season is officially upon us, we check out this season’s frame changers. From feline flicks, baroque jewels, versatile tortoiseshell to rainbow colours, we have pulled together the hottest shade trends for you to multiply your collection this summer. Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe to learn more.

Could These Challengers Topple Theresa's Election Tactics?

Following Theresa May’s announcement of a shock snap election last week, it is suggested the prime minister calculated the election to silence Brexit strife and crush Labour opposition as their ratings plummet. We hear from the politicians plotting to topple May’s tactics. Subscribe for your copy of Grazia and get the full story.

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