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Cover Story: Emma Watson's Feminist Wedding Plans

In this week’s Grazia we reveal the speculation around Emma Watson’s plans to propose to tech entrepreneur boyfriend William Knight. Close sources have claimed that the 27-year-old is on the cusp of an engagement to Knight, who she started dating 18 months ago. However Grazia understands that her passion for gender equality has challenged her ideas about the traditional roles men and women play within marriage. Pick up your copy of Grazia or subscribe today for the full story.

Get Your Sexy Back

Your hormones and your relationship (as well as the chaotic nature of this current century) can all contribute to a low sex drive and a temporary lack of libido. Thankfully, in this week’s Grazia we have investigated the steps you can take to get your mojo back. Whether it’s sticking to a healthier diet, or spicing it up in the bedroom, we give you a range of options to help boost your sexual desire. Download Grazia Extra mobile app to learn more...

The Impact Of Make-ip Shaming

While the topic of a healthy body confidence is openly embraced, it has come to our attention that women are humiliated for the products they put on their face. Blogger Ree Lodge discusses how the notion of make-up shaming is at present-day very common. She tells Grazia how she is frequently ridiculed for her appearance and has been branded both ‘pathetic’ and ‘worthless’ for her passion. To read Ree's story subscribe.

How to Laugh In The Face Of The Weather

This week we take you deep into the high-fashion spin on keeping dry this season – vinyl. The street-style wet look brings you the long-line trench, the knee-high perspex heel and the transparent mac, all set to weather-proof your wardrobe during this drab spring. Just because the weather is a washout does not mean your attire has to be! Download Grazia Extra mobile app to find your key pieces.

'Finally I Stopped Being Afraid Of My Body'

The extreme ideas projected within our society of an ‘idealistic body image’ can seriously affect our mental health, something which journalist Rachel Loxton relates to. We hear of her transformation from an insecure teen to a body-confident woman, all thanks to the wildly different concept that nudity has in other cultures. Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe today for the full story.

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