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Cover Story: Why Has Rihanna’s Billionaire Boyfriend Put A Deadline On Their Relationship?

In this week’s Grazia, just when we thought all was going smoothly between pop princess Rihanna and her rich beau Hassan Jameel. Apparently (sigh) there is much disapproval, from his wealthy family, against the chart topper, due to her rebellious nature and being less likely to bow down in the shadows. Will Hassan stand up for his lady in the name of love or will his family’s pickiness be too much for him to fight off? Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe today for the full story.

‘We’re Hired To Talk About The Pay Gap But Underpaid To Do So’

The pay gap between men and women in the work place has been one of the inevitable issues in modern culture for years, and as of last week it seems as though not much has changed. As the BBC published the salaries of their top earners, Grazia spoke to BBC Women’s Hour, Jane Garvey about the pay gap and what it means to be #notonthelist. Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe to see how you can achieve the subtle look.

Sleek Chic

The slick wet-look has been a hair style that has been sweeping the catwalk, and now you too can achieve the fuss free, effortless trend. Download the Grazia Extra mobile app to learn how to make it work for you.

I Won’t Give Up On My Wife’s Fight For The Right To Die

His late wife drifted out of this world with a broken heart after denied assisted suicide when the pain of terminal cancer became too much for her, and now as Matt Vickers shares with us her legacy, he vows to carry to fight for the right to die, something his dearest other half Lecretia never had. Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe to read more on Matt’s story.

Best In Class Bronzers

Feast your eyes on a treasure chest of bronzers, with so many to choose from and for a spectrum of skin tones, you’ll want them all. Download the Grazia Extra mobile app and get ready to have this season’s best cheekbones.

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