In This Week’s Grazia: Brad's Fight For His Children Gets Messy

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In this week’s Grazia, Brad starts the fight for joint custody of his children. With Hollywood’s elite coming out to support him, can Angelina block him out completely or is all hope lost for the ex-power couple coming to an amicable agreement? Also in this week’s issue; a former Apprentice star tells all about her office kiss with Trump and his attraction to ‘beautiful women’. Subscribe for your copy of Grazia for the full story.

Amethyst: The Jewel Hue To Channel This Autumn

Bring in the autumn season with the colour that is blowing up a beautiful storm with all shades of purple from the streets of Milan. Amethyst doesn’t just suit all skin types; it’s perfect for smokey eyes and stunning eyeliners. Download the Grazia Extra mobile app to read more.

The Dark Side Of Fitness Trackers

This week, one woman tells Grazia of her struggle and obession of her fitness trackers and the toll it took on her eating habits and overall wellbeing. Has the obsession with getting our number count up left us forgetting how to enjoy exercise? And how in control are we when it comes to our fitness apps? Download the Grazia Extra mobile app to read more.

100 Hottest High Street Hit

This week there is only one list you’ll need, Grazia’s Highstreet Hot List. From printed boots and glossy blocks to the latest bags, chunky knits and blouses to come off the high street we can’t contain ourselves! A treat for both your wallet and your wardrobe. Don’t miss out; download the Grazia mobile app to discover more.

'I Was Imprisoned As A Sex Slave In Mayfair'

When Frida Farrell was approached by someone she perceived to be a gentleman, she had no idea of the horrific events about to unfold. Now she tells all to Grazia, how she survived and her new film which brings awareness about sex trafficking and slavery to a wider audience. Subscribe to Grazia to get the story.

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