In This Week’s Grazia: Kim And Kanye In Crisis

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Will America’s most famous family kiss their beloved “family comes first” motto goodbye? Following weeks of mounting speculation, Kim was due to make her oh-so-glamorous public comeback at a society event in New York - until her husband Kanye West was hospitalized. Are the Kardashian-Wests at breaking point? Subscribe for your copy of Grazia for the full story.

Hats, Hats Hats

Are the frosty winter mornings causing you to miss a shampoo cycle? Wave goodbye to bad hair days - Grazia has you covered with our edit of this season's most covetable headgear. Download the Grazia Extra mobile app to discover our selection.

"What do my 30s look like? Who cares, so long as I'm here"

Are you often teeming with thoughts like: When will I get my big break? Will I be married before I hit 30? Is a pay rise on the table? Welcome to the maelstrom of the twenty-something’s mind. Despising the label “cancer victim” and despite being given a 2.5 year life expectancy, Kris Hallenga’s incredible and refreshing outlook on a promising career and becoming the boss of your own life will blow you away. Download the Grazia Extra mobile app to read her stories.

Wonder Winnie

After being diagnosed with vitiligo and bullied out of school, some may say Winnie Harlow’s future was looking pretty bleak; how did Winnie go on to prove her nay-sayers wrong and slay the fashion world in the process? Subscribe to Grazia to get your copy.

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