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Cover Story: Amal and George’s Project ‘Power Parenting’ Begins

In this week’s issue, Grazia reports how the A-list power couple have welcomed their twins into the world last week. George Clooney, having once been Hollywood’s most confirmed bachelors, reveal how ‘everything’s changed', as he prepares to delve into parenthood. Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe today for the full story.

Float Couture For Your Dream Destination

If you are leaving the British summer and are heading off to an exotic destination, you need to check out our swimsuit special. Whether you are in need for a beach cover-up or a classic swimsuit, Grazia edits the hottest styles right now. Download Grazia Extra mobile app to find your perfect (swim) suit.

The Remarkable Heroes of the London Bridge Attack

In this week’s issue, the incredible heroes of London Bridge remind us, that at this critical time, hate will not tear us apart and that our hope has not left us. The terrorists want to tear our cities apart and want to make us feel scared, but it’s had the opposite effect. The remarkable heroes of London Bridge uncover their shocking stories, leaving us with nothing but one truly inspiring message of hope. Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe today for the full story.

The Truth About Microblading

Remember when everyone wanted Cara Delevingne’s amazing eyebrows? The time has come to make this possible, thanks to microblading. Microblading is beauty’s new tattoo. We explore the hottest treatment that not only promises full brows, but also achieves the perfect natural brow look. We uncover the big questions, whether microblading hurts, how long it lasts and most importantly whether it is worth the hype! Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe to find out whether beauty is worth the pain.

Does ‘Progressive’ Porn Really Exist?

Grazia reveals Katie Glass’ reaction over the International Porn Festival in Toronto. Being front- row Katie reflects upon the non- exploitative pornography. But did she really enjoy what she saw? Pick up a copy of Grazia or subscribe and get the full story on Katie’s experience.

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