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Why This London Restaurant Is Banning Avocado

Ah, avocados.

This humble fruit has sparked something of a pop culture frenzy in the past few years.

We've seen arty types bombard Instagram with their homemade avocado roses.

This mushy delight has entered our dictionary of emoji language.

Our love of the green stuff even overspilled into politics, after it transpired that Donald Trump's Mexican wall may impact the export of avocados (because, let's worry about the real issues here).

Avocado: a brunch-time staple

But everything that goes up must come down and now it appears the wind may be cooling on what must surely rank as one of the most fanatical food trends of all time.

Aegean-inspired restaurant Firedog has made the rash announcement that it is banning avocados from its menu.

The new London venue specialises in all-day breakfast and lunch, but there won't be so much as a glimmer of guac in its grub.

“Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London, which has done avocado to death, and we’re frankly bored of seeing it on every breakfast and brunch menu,” executive head chef George Notley tells the Independent.

“The ever-evolving cooking methods used in Aegean street food inspired us to create a colourful menu rich in interesting flavours and fresh ingredients. All without an avocado in sight!”

Brunch goals at new London restaurant Firedog

Instead, the restaurant will serve imaginative and flair-filled dishes such as grilled halloumi with fennel-roasted beetroot and pan-fried seabass with pomegranate, dill and green chilli.

Top marks for audacity but we can't see avocado losing its edge quite yet.

This fabulous fruit was the fastest-growing food or drinks trend of 2016 in the UK, with shoppers spending £50million more on it compared to the year before.

It'll take some effort to smash that.

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