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Love, Kindness And A Warm Bed: How This Woman Turned A Homeless Man's Life Around

As far as random acts of kindness are concerned, this one really pulls at the heartstrings.

A woman has set an example to millions by taking in a homeless man, giving him a job and helping him to find his family.

Ginger Jones Sprouse passed 32-year-old Victor Hubbard every day on her way to work near Houston, Texas.

Victor, who was battling an undisclosed mental illness, had been living on the same street corner for more than three years.

He had hopes of being reunited with his mother, after the pair became separated years before.

Ginger contacted local authorities, who said there was nothing they could do for him.

"Everybody knew him, knew of him. They said he's not a danger to himself or to anyone and he's not bothering anyone so they couldn't help him," she told

"It was frustrating to me because this was someone who obviously needed help."

Victor in his previous life, when Ginger passed him on a street corner

Ginger decided to take matters into her own hands. As the weather grew colder late last year, she moved Victor into her home with her husband Dean and their two teenage children.

The pair became firm friends and she gave him a job in her cookery school. "He helps us clean and wipe tables and he talks to our guests," she said. "My goal for him is just to have a normal life - to be stable and happy."

Ginger also set up a Facebook page and GoFundMe account to raise funds for mental healthcare treatment and an eye test for Victor. Inspired by her efforts, the local community in Houston rallied and so far raised $25,000 (£20,400) - money that will also go towards his future accommodation.

The Facebook page also helped to track down Victor's family, including his long-lost mum.

It's not clear why the two became separated but they have since met up.

Victor now, after living with Ginger and her family, getting healthcare and a job

Since moving in with Ginger, Victor has thrown a party to say thank you - and more than 200 people living nearby turned up.

Ginger says it all comes down to the importance of love, kindness and having a warm bed.

She says Victor has been an inspiration, and a testimony to the importance of the community pulling together.

For his part, Victor is happy too.

"She came around and she kind of saved me," Victor said. "She helped me. It’s like grace.

"No matter what season it is, I will always have that love for her."

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