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Would You Date A Man Shorter Than You Like Charlize Theron Who Is Seeing Sean Penn?

Would You Date A Man Shorter Than You?

It’s official: size DOES matter. And no, get your minds out the gutter ladies. We’re talking height.

Researchers found almost half of the women they surveyed would only date men taller than them. Why? Apparently having a man tower over us makes us feel protected, secure and, er, delicate.

Obviously no one told Hollywood star Charlize Theron (5ft 10) who is having a very nice time dating Sean Penn (5ft 8) thank you very much… even with their two inch height difference.

In comparison, the research conducted by Rice University and the University of North Texas found just 13 per cent of men said they’d refuse to date a woman who was taller than them. Their findings came after looking at nearly 1,000 Yahoo! Personal dating ads.

One woman who was surveyed said, ‘Something just feels weird in thinking about looking "down" into my man’s eyes. There is also something to be said about being able to wear shoes with high heels and still being shorter.’

We're not convinced height is a deal breaker... especially since this would rule out us ever dating Robert Downey Junior (5ft 8), Ben Stiller (5ft 6.5) and Johnny Depp (5ft 9).

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