It's Official: These Are The Dishes We're Most Likely To Avoid On Dates

If you’ve ever avoided the dish on the menu that truly caught your eye for fear of embarrassing yourself in front of your date, you’re not alone: a new study suggests that a quarter of British daters are scared that choosing a messier-than-average food on a date could nix their chances with a potential partner.

25 percent of those surveyed by Deliveroo and Three’s rewards app Wuntu admitted that they’d opted out of ordering or eating their favourite food while on a date, while 16 percent avoided dinner dates altogether due to nerves.

The dish most likely to be deemed ‘out of bounds’ by daters was spaghetti. No surprises there, we say, given that it’s almost physically impossible to eat this particular pasta without embarrassment (Lady and the Tramp is the exception that proves the rule). Ribs and seafood didn’t fare too well, either, with the top five as follows:

  1. Spaghetti
  2. Ribs
  3. Spaghetti Carbonara
  4. Lobster
  5. Langoustines

What are self-conscious daters actually ordering? Salads, tofu and sausage and mash, apparently.

To school awkward Brits in the art of the dinner date, Deliveroo and Three’s Wuntu rewards app are hosting virtual ‘love lessons’ on London’s Southbank on 19th and 20th April. Milan-based food experts will virtually ‘date’ participants, who can enjoy an Italian meal courtesy of Deliveroo.

Intrigued? You can sign up for your virtual date here...

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