The 5 Friends You Will Always Need

The 5 Friends You Will Always Need

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Turns out the average friendship only lasts between 5-7 years before we have a clear out and move on (harsh but according to research, very true). So when it comes to friends, it's all about quality over quantity and keeping a tight hold of those besties who survive the 7 year itch. But what is it that makes a good friend stick? We've done a quick poll of the office and it turns out, there's somewhat of a pattern when it comes to friends we can't live without. Do these five sound familiar?

1. The Soul Mate

Being with this pal is as comfortable as being on your own. You probably grew up together and any meet up usually results in a regression into your teens (aka boy chats and slagging off your parents)

2. The Grown Up

This is the friend you aspire to be because she seems to have things so sorted. A general life wizard, you cannot understand how she manages to tick off every life goal with ease and remain debt/drama free. They never (well try not to) judge you and are your go-to pal when you need some tough love.

3. The Wild One

You know EXACTLY where to go when you want to get into a bit of trouble or party a little too hard: your naughty friend. She's the one who will make you feel a million times better after any major life fail. Break up? Job loss? No monies? Don’t panic. See The Wild One for a carefree jolt back into happiness.

4. The Uni Gal Pal

She was there when you were transitioning from late-teen to adult. She understands your new interests and how important it is to never reveal what you did in fresher’s week…

5. The Couple

You know that couple who met when you were all at uni or when you were growing up? They come as one. You love them like siblings and they step in to act as adoptive parents when you the mistake you made is too raucous for your parents to deal with. All prospective partners must be approved by ‘The Couple’, natch.

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