People You Will Definitely Meet On Holiday

The 8 People You Will Definitely Meet On Holiday

To help you set some realistic expectations of your travel companions here are eight people you will meet on your summer hols this year. Whether you like it or not…

1. The Hypochondriac

They have an over exaggerated fear of everything. Airplane turbulence, cockroaches, water deeper than 30cm - you will spot this person a mile off thanks to the high-pitched, unashamed squeal that can be heard for miles.

2. The New BFF

You casually chat on the plane for approximately five minutes. After bumping into each other at the hotel they think it's a sign you're soul mates and proceed to invite themselves out for dinner with you EVERY NIGHT. Beware.

3. The Couple Who Don't Believe In Personal Space

Your sweaty skin meets on the bus to the hotel. And to them that's ok. As is whispering, impromptu cuddling and sitting on your sunbed. Not cool.

4. The 'Simple Life' Style Gal Pals

You wonder if this pair have ever managed to breath independently. They wear platform wedges to the beach, have absolutely know idea how to navigate their way through a foreign country and just shout louder in English if someone doesn't speak their language. After careful observation of their lack of self-awareness you become quite find of them by the end of your trip.

5. The Over-Sharer

After casual, polite poolside chat you suddenly become engulfed in the personal details of this holiday chum. No secret is off limits as they reel off the ins and outs of their Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

6. The Best People You Have EVER Encountered

Oh my god. They are just the COOLEST! How long before you can ask to be pen pals when you’re back in the UK? No? Facebook friends then...?

7. The 'Why-Did-You-Come-On-Holiday' Family

They hate the sun (At least one of them genuinely believes they might even be allergic to it) They hate the food, their hotel, sand and you.

8. The Over-Achiever

Back in the UK they work in a corporate field. By day they are busy taking out kids as they reign water polo champion, by night they can be found challenging their own family members to some sort of tournament.

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