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14 Things That Are Only Ok When Your Sister Does Them

Things That Are Only Ok When Your Sister Does Them

Got a brother? Only child? Then you may never really understand the complicated relationship that is sisterhood.

We came up with our own list but you have given us plenty more sisterly inspirations, so we've picked our favourites and added them to the list.

Here’s 13 things that are only ok when your sister does them:

  1. Endlessly mock your attempt at a new totally on-trend outfit but then still expect to borrow it 3 days later.

  2. Criticise your parents.

  3. Tell you, in front of other people, that you're wearing too much bronzer.

  4. Obsess over your family drama like it was an American daytime sitcom.

  5. Interrogate your new boyfriend/friend and claim it's protecting you (And they’re not just jealous there's a new person in your life).

  6. Bring up that time you ruined the family day out when you were 13 as a relevant point in a current argument.

  7. Tell you when you’re being selfish, rude or embarrassing yourself in a way that doesn't offend you.

  8. Expect to talk to you for a full hour about her horrific experience attempting a DIY ‘Hollywood wax’.

  9. Make you so angry you cry - then have you laughing 20 minutes later.

  10. Take your stuff without asking and then wear it/use it in front of you.

  11. Make you laugh when they revert to politically incorrect and down right disgusting humour.

  12. Laugh uncontrollably when you fall, hurt or embarrass yourself in public. But then act furious if anyone else dares to smirk.

  13. Side with you in an argument and then dress you down as soon as you’re alone. Humph.

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