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Avocado Roses Are Taking Instagram By Storm

Thought we'd hit peak avocado? You're about to be proved wrong, because every millenial's favourite green fruit just got an Instagram friendly update. Meet the avocado rose...

Smashed avocado has clearly fallen out of favour, as now Instagram's foodie community are fashioning their avos into delicate floral shapes. It's the ultimate in breakfast one-upmanship - a well executed avocado rose can look almost too pretty to eat.

Our brunch plans just got a whole lot fancier...

Want to make one for yourself? Drop the spiralizer, because you won't need any fancy equipment - just a knife, an avo and a chopping board.

First, after making sure your avocado is ripe (but not so overripe that it won't hold the shape), slice it in half, then chop it into thin, neat slices.

After that, it's a simple case of fanning out the slices into a line, with each slightly overlapping the other. Then, curl the slices inwards and round to create the rose shape.

For more hints, watch the video below by food blogger JarsandBowls.

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