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Your Instagram Feed Is In Danger Thanks To Another Avocado Related Emergency

Cherish Sunday brunch while you can...

Calling all avocado lovers from far-and-wide, we have some bad news. According to the BBC, we’re at risk of yet another green fruit related emergency.

Avocado prices have shot up to a record high due to surging (presumably Instagram-related) demand and the globe has experienced worryingly reduced harvests in Mexico, Peru and California.

A 10-kilogram box of avocados from Mexico’s biggest wholesaler for instance is now selling for approximately £21.78, which is more than double last year’s price according to Bloomberg data.

And it’s a similar story in Peru, as this year’s crop production is forecast to be down following severe flooding. While production in California, another major avocado supplier, is forecast to be down by 44 percent this year.

So get stocking up on the green fruit next time you visit the supermarket before we experience another 'guacapocalypse'

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