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Dynamic, Fun And Easy On The Wallet: These Are The World's Best Cities For Millennials

Factors such as entrepreneurial spirit, gender equality and access to beer, festivals and contraception feature in a new survey that weighs up world's best cities for millennial living.

One hundred urban hubs around the world were given a score out of 10 for qualities including internet speed, number of start-ups, nightlife and tolerance of immigrants.

The traits were divided across four categories deemed key to millennials - essentials, business ecosystem, openness and recreation - in the study by furnished apartments company Nestpick.

The easy-going, dynamic vibe of Amsterdam saw it nab top spot in the round-up, followed by Berlin, Munich and Lisbon. Paris came in at number nine and Vancouver came just after, as the only non-European entry in the top 10.

London came in 16th place, with Manchester and Bristol hot on its heels.

The Time Out food market in Lisbon is a thriving hub where people can go to eat, drink, dance and even visit the gym every night

"Millennials travel more at a younger age than any of their preceding generations; this gives them the possibility to find the perfect city for their personal needs," says Ömer Kücükdere, managing director at Nestpick. "With aging populations, cities must cater to the millennial demographic in order to sustain a thriving economy."

He added that millennials are known for "their affinity with technology, their entrepreneurial mindset, and their revitalising effects", and are drawn to locations that match that outlook.

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most vibrant start-up capitals, with a host of innovative digital platforms, such as eBuddy and Layar, setting up their headquarters in the city.

It's also famous for its progressive attitude, with some of the world's most liberal policies on issues such as recreational drugs, prostitution, same-sex marriage and euthanasia.

*Vancouver's miles of lively beachfront makes it one of the most liveable cities in the world

In at number four on the list, Lisbon is an emerging tech hub filled with a creative energy that radiates from the start-ups that are starting to spread through the tiled-walled, charming old buildings of downtown.

The European Digital City Index says Lisbon's affordable housing, fair public transport system and good quality of life - it has a sunny, Mediterranean climate and the Bairro Alto quarter lights up with bars, restaurants and cafes at night - are drawing a new generation of talent to the Portuguese capital.

Ranking no. 10 on the list, on Canada's West Coast, Vancouver is a city that positively spills over with attributes to draw a young crowd in search of the sweet life. Its nine urban beaches are the perfect spot for a game of after-work volleyball or picnics during summer months, while the nearby mountains call for snowboarding and skiing in wintertime.

Vancouver's three university campuses means this is a place that brims with students and recent graduates. It's a multicultural melting pot whose residents have a famously liberal outlook on life, and a lifestyle that seamlessly blends urban and outdoor pursuits.

Take a look at all 10 of the best millennial cities to live in, below, and get planning your next move pronto!

The world's 10 best cities for millennials in 2017

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Berlin
  3. Munich
  4. Lisbon
  5. Antwerp
  6. Barcelona
  7. Lyon
  8. Cologne
  9. Paris
  10. Vancouver

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