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'They're Not Wearing Anything!' Carolina Herrera Slams Kim Kardashian And Beyonce's Style

'They're Not Wearing Anything!' Carolina Herrera Slams Kim Kardashian And Beyonce's Style

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé have all been guilty of flashing too much flesh on the red carpet recently. Take their Met Ball outfits for example, Robert Cavalli for Kim K, Versace for JLo and Givenchy for Bey, consisting of little more than sheer mesh with only strategically places feathers, sequins and jewels to cover their modesty.

Now famed designer Carolina Herrera has called out the girls on their style – saying they need to cover up.

In an interview with the Washington Post the 76-year-old designer asks just how the women can be ‘fashion icons’ when they aren’t wearing clothes.

Carolina explained: ‘They’re supposed to be fashion icons — and they’re not wearing anything. It’s an obsession now.

And commenting on the way other designer work she said: ‘It’s so modern to be naked or almost naked. They think it’s going to attract young people if they do those dresses. No’

‘They’re trying to get people to pay attention to them. In life, there should be a little mystery.’

In the interview Carolina, who dresses the likes of Renee Zellwegger and Michelle Obama, says she isn't adverse to creating a plunging neckline in her designs but that it needs to be in proportion.

She said: '“If it’s open so much, they look like fried eggs. Fashion is about proportion.'

So can we expect Kimye, JLo and Beyonce to heed Carolina's advice? Well aside from Kim, who given she's pregnant with her second child might be covering up a little more, we can no doubt look forward to plenty more nakedness from Jennifer and Queen Bey.

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