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The Company Where You Can Take 'Hangover Days'

There's nothing worse than trying to battle through a day at work when you have a hangover. Trying to pretend to be productive whilst hiding the fact you need be horizontal on the sofa/head in the toilet does not a fun day make.

While it's all well and good pulling the dodgy stomach card and attempting a sickie, the majority of the time your boss is likely to see straight through it - especially when you spent the previous day waxing lyrical about how excited you were for those happy hour cocktails.

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However, this is not even a worry for the staff at DICE, a London-based ticketing firm, because they are entitled to 'hangover days'. Yep, you read that right. Their contract stipulates that they can call in sick and spend the day in front of Netflix if they have hit it too hard the night before. To do so they just have to WhatsApp their boss with ‘music’, ‘beers’ and ‘sick’ emojis. Best work perk ever? We think so.

There are two condition though: the night out has to be work related, and they can only take four days a year.

'All our team live for music and some of the best deals in the industry happen after a gig. We trust each other and want people to be open if they’re out late experiencing live music. There is no need for a fake sick bug,' Phil Hutcheon, founder of DICE, explained.

Apparently last year 137 million working days were lost due to sickness, with the average person taking four days off sick, The Evening Standard reported.

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