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Your Pet Pooch Can Now Relax With An Audiobook From Legendary Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

Amazon's Audible have teamed up with behavioural dog expert Cesar Millan to create a series of audiobooks for dogs. Yep, you read the right.

No longer feel guilty about leaving your dog at home alone, Millan claims that playing an audiobook will help your pup feel like they've been left with a friend.

Aptly named Audible for Dogs, the audiobooks have been hand-selected by Millan for their ability to calm your pet and reduce stress levels while you're out the house.

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Current listening options for your pampered pooch include Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Soldier Dogs by Maria Goodavage, A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, and The Art of Racing in the Road by Garth Stein.

'Dogs are social animals, so they need to engage with someone, and the purpose of Audible for Dogs is to make dogs feel there is someone with them. The person performing the audiobook is actually keeping your dog calm and taking the dog to a resting state, acting as an extension of you,' Millan explained in a statement. In particular, Millan advised people to play audiobooks that are spoken in their gender so the dog recognises the voice.

In a study completed by Millan's team they found that 76% of owners who played audiobooks for their dogs saw an increase in calmness over a four week period.

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