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Looks Like Donald Trump Might Be Coming To The UK After All

He's hardly known for u-turns, Donald Trump.

We mean, there are plenty we'd be in favour of... ripping up the 'Mexico City Policy' (the one which blocks US federal funding for non-governmental organisations that discuss or promote abortion), or announcing he'd had a change of heart over the Paris climate agreement, or calling the contentious travel ban earlier this year a massive mistake...

But no, in spite of protest and criticism – from within his own country and indeed, around the world – President Trump sticks to his word.

Which means we had to admit we were skeptical of reports which claimed to have proof that Donald Trump's proposed State Visit to the UK this year was going to be put on hold.

As The Guardian reported, Donald Trump is said to have had a telephone conversation with Theresa May some weeks ago, where he apparently revealed concerns about protests flaring on account of his forthcoming trip to the UK. The subtext of the conversation, therefore, was that he should delay his visit until he could be assured support from the British public.

This was relayed to the paper via a Downing Street adviser who was reportedly in the room at the time.

Now, we have to admit this did strike us as slightly odd...

Could a man who saw the largest single-day US protest in history – the Women's March – take place on his watch (the day after he was inaugurated) but carry on regardless by signing (and expanding) the controversial Mexico City Policy some two days later, be the same man who turns down a visit to meet The Queen (and enjoy all the spoils that accompany it – carriage processions, gun salutes, fancy dinner at the Palace etc) all because of a crowd of angry Brits?

It just didn't seem likely...

Which means that when a report was published by the BBC this morning stating that both the UK and US governments have denied any delay to his trip, we could hardly say we were all that surprised. As Number 10 made clear, there has been 'no change' to his visit, meaning we can still expect the US President some time later this year.


The BBC also said US government officials revealed that President Trump 'does not feel like' landing in Blighty any time soon.


Might President Trump be for u-turns after all? Let's wait and see...

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