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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Our Christmas Cover Shoot With Mel B

Exclusive: Inside Our Christmas Cover Shoot With Mel B

She’s been our standout star of the year after taking the X Factor by storm, and so we couldn’t think of anyone better placed to cover our Christmas issue than Mel B.

It was a shoot that was months in the making and after all that planning we were pretty excited to meet the woman who once made up one fifth of Britain’s biggest ever girl group and who, for the last few months, had been one fourth of Britain’s most exclusive judging panel.

Things got off to a rocky start, namely because Mel – as loud and brash as ever – was three hours late and not in the best of moods. It later transpired that she had had an argument with her husband, producer Stephen Belafonte.

‘I walked in pissed off because I had a big row with my husband about stupid stuff,’ she told us. ‘Sometimes he pisses me off like no other, but he gets me.’

But angst aside once we got into the flow Mel was every bit the woman you’d imagine her to be, hard-working, sharp and a teeny bit scary (well, she didn’t get the name for nothing!).

Here’s what we learned about her…

1. She never censors herself

Mel told us that she never watched the X Factor rehearsals back so that she could always give her honest opinion. She explains, ‘I see the performances for the first time with the viewers so whatever comes out of my mouth is fresh and honest. I don’t edit myself and that can get me into trouble.’

2. She moved to LA to get away from the negativity

Mel says she felt the negative press she was getting in the UK wasn’t good for her family. ‘I had very negative press and I didn’t want my kids to be bought up around negativity,’ she says. ‘I wanted my girls to be empowered and America pats you on the back.’

3. She’s loved her style transformation

Mel has undergone a pretty major style transformation this year, ditching her once eclectic wardrobe in favour of designers like Dolce & Gabbana and McQueen. She told us her stylist Jason Bolde would only work with her if she promised to listen to him. ‘He wanted to give me a sleeker, more chic look, and he’s done wonders,’ she says.

4. She loves VB's dresses

While there have been reports of rivalry between Mel and Victoria for years she says, 'She's witty as hell, very funny and an amazing business woman. I love her dresses.'

5. She and Cheryl are now BFF's

Cheryl and Mel have become extremely close while filming the X Factor. Mel tells us, 'I am a girl's girl and Cheryl is lovely, how can you not love her? I'm not bitchy and she's not bitchy, so we clicked straight away. She's a strong independent woman who's been through a lot, publicly, and she still stands her ground. I love her for that.'

To see the full shoot and read the full interview pick up a copy of our Christmas special issue, on sale tomorrow!


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