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First-Born Children Are The Most Intelligent, Study Finds

If you find yourself arguing with your siblings on a regular basis about who is the clever one, we have some evidence that might settle the debate once and for all.

Research conducted by the University of Edinburgh found that first-born children develop better thinker skills because they had more mental stimulation in their early years, The Guardian reported.

Economists at the University of Edinburgh, Analysis Group and the University of Sydney analysed data collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and found that first-born children had a higher IQ rating than their siblings.

Looking at data from nearly 5000 children, the experts found that first-born children did better in tests such as reading, matching letters, names, reading single words aloud and picture vocabulary tests.

The study suggested that changes in parental behaviour were behind their findings. Parents were more likely to spend time doing activities such as craft or playing musical instruments with their first born as opposed to their siblings.

The researcher’s findings support the 'birth order effect' theory which states that children born earlier go further in higher education and go on to earn more in later life.

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