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The Best Reactions To The News That George Osborne Will Be The Editor Of The Evening Standard

In a bizarre turn of events it has been announced that George Osborne, the Tory MP for Tatton and former Chancellor of the Exchequer, will be the editor of the London Evening Standard. The overarching consensus generated by the news was that of bewilderment and hilarity. Many are vehemently opposed to Osborne being appointed as the editor of a major newspaper, especially as he is refusing to step down as MP and is already involved multiple high-profile and profitable affairs. The reasoning behind his side step into journalism despite having no real experience (he was a freelance journalist early on in his career, though unsuccessfully) has sparked anger within the industry; he certainly doesn’t need to be doing more, so commanding the voice of a newspaper and infusing it with his ardent Tory views is seen as an objectionable power move. While many are cynical about this change, some are seeing the funny side. We round up the best reactions.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband saw the whole thing as hilarious.

Whereas Jeremy Corbyn was worried.

They way things were going, others had ideas about who would take over Alexandra Schulman as Editor of British Vogue this year.

Some despaired at other hilarious happenings of recent.

Was it 'fake news?'

When someone applies for a job they usually need relevant experience...

The news was very unpopular within the industry.

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