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Are You Ready For The Spin-Off Version Of Girls?

It was the ground-breaking show that captured the twenty-something angst of female friendship, and millennial life in its multitude of wonder and ugliness.

The gritty, 21st Century antidote to Sex And The City, if you will.

But for those of you who are sobbing into your cornflakes over the explosive series finale of Girls that aired this weekend (you'll see no spoilers here), fear not.

Jenni Konner, co-writer and director of the hit HBO show, has hinted that the sun hasn't quite yet set on the award-winning drama.

In a Q&A session with Business Insider, Konner admits, "I don’t think spin-offs are in HBO’s DNA, really. I mean they haven’t really done it before".

But then - to the silent cheers of Girls fans everywhere, she adds, "I’m down for it. I’m into a movie, too, but no one’s asked. We’re down for it all."

Lena Dunham with "best friend" and series co-writer Jenni Konner

It's not the first time we've heard chat of a Girls film. Its creator Lena Dunham mooted the idea in February but said there may be some time delay between the series ending and any production work.

"I’d just want to leave enough space so that we are finding them [the characters] in a super different place than we left them," she remarked.

After Sunday night's final episode hit our screens, 30-year-old Dunham paid emotional tribute to fans, colleagues and supporters on her Instagram account.

Lena's open letter on Instagram

"Dear everyone. Thank you. You have made me feel whole again, not alone," she wrote.

"To my collaborators, you are my family. Give any woman 6 years to create uninterrupted and she will SOAR. Women's stories deserve to be told. All kinds of women. We deserve opportunity."

Lena also posted a photo of herself and Konner - who directed the final Girls episode - hailing her as "my best friend".

Discussing the finale with the New York Times, Dunham said: "I loved the all-women energy of the episode. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know that in many ways mine was a very traditional finale, and I’m so happy that it had the odd emotional coda."

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