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Twitter Reacts To News Of A Hung Parliament

The snap general election has left us with a hung parliament, an uncertain outcome and plenty of questions.

While Theresa May's Conservative party have the most seats, they do not have enough MPs to wield a majority in the House of Commons: cue talks of a Tory coalition with the DUP, or a Labour-led 'progressive alliance.'

Whatever the outcome, though, there's one thing you can always count on: that Twitter users will be a source of general hilarity, uncannily accurate memes and scathing political commentary...

First, the surprise exit polls had us reaching for the coffee and settling in for a long night

One particular Theresa May tweet came back to haunt her...

Unfortunately for May, her party have so far lost 17 seats. Isn't this is awkward?


And again...

The promise of a 'strong and stable government' began to feel very ironic indeed

It seemed like calling a snap election wasn't such a good idea for May after all...

Some Twitter users had ideas for May's next career move

And yes, wheat fields were involved.

Others had suggestions for a different Prime Minister altogether...

Hugh Grant for PM!

Everyone assumed that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was celebrating in style

He still needs to work on his high five technique, though

Meanwhile, a grinning George Osborne appeared to be having a great time

'And that, my friend, is what we call closure.' Or schadenfreude. One of the two.

How would Donald Trump respond to news of a hung parliament?

Spare a thought, meanwhile, for Nick Clegg and his sad, sad face

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