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How To Hygge Your Home This Winter

Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, this Swedish lifestyle trend is the hottest new frenzy in town, and just in time for those warm, cosy winter nights.

Simply meaning ‘enjoying the good things in life with good people around you’ and ‘a feeling of cosiness and content’ - we cannot explain our love for this take-care-of-yourself trend.

There’s been some dark times universally this year, so there seems like no better time to start adjusting your home for maximum contentment.

Think soft luxurious fabrics, snug fires and welcoming scents, fixating on treating yourself and embracing the nights in – without wasting them on technology.

We’re being encouraged to splurge on the exquisitely perfumed candle, cover our homes in indulgent blankets and cushions, and put the emails away.

You want that chocolate? Eat it. Want a calming chamomile tea? Have it. Want to spend all night in the bathtub with your favourite book? We support you on your mission. Whatever it is that makes you feel calm and connected, Hygge is fully behind you.

Not only that, these Nordic geniuses are encouraging us to reconnect with our loved ones - something we are all guilty of neglecting from time to time. They want us to relish in deep conversations – this isn’t about nights out; this is about making time for nights in.

Cook delectable hearty meals for dinner parties, or play your favourite board games and wash away the stresses of life with hysterical laughter.

Our favourite thing about Hygge, is that the rules are lax – in fact there’s barely any rules at all. That’s the beauty of it. This is about you, and only you. Making time to look after your mental health. Making your home a distinctive break away from work. Taking actual space from the mania that is the 21st century.

We’re a strong advocate for how wonderful social media is and the doors that it opens - however, if we’re being honest with ourselves, do we ever switch off? How many hours of the week do we waste scrolling through newsfeeds?

The Finnish believe in ‘Fika’, meaning a daily break to drink a hot cuppa and have a little breathing space – your phone is eternally not invited.

This winter you’ll find us hibernating in a pile of cushions and blankets, preferably with a hot water bottle, with a glass of mulled wine and the most incredibly indulgent food we can possibly find.

Need some inspiration? We’ve picked out our ultimate Hygge products below:


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