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Women Are More Popular On Instagram Than Men According To New Study

And the reason why is bound to make you shake your head...

According to the world’s first fully-automated Instagram scheduling tool, Hopper, women receive five times more likes than their male counterparts on the social media platform.

The company revealed that the average number of likes on women’s posts stands at 578 compared to approximately 117 per post published by men.

What is most interesting however, is that men are ten times more likely to like, comment or even regram posts by women as opposed to men. Unfortunately, these posts often include bikini shots or feature beaches, workouts and lingerie.

Women on the other hand, are more likely to engage with #OOTD, make-up and food-related posts from other female users.

The data also indicates that women receive a third more comments than their male counterparts.

Unsurprisingly, women dominate the social media platform. According to, 38 percent of women use Instagram in comparison to just 28 percent of men.

The company also discovered through analysis of its own user data from the last two years, that female users are more influential than men on the social media platform.

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