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London Rated 'Worst UK City For Raising Children'

With its glorious parks and plethora of world-class cultural attractions, we always thought of London as a pretty great place to bring up children.

But a new study has found otherwise.

Research from (and reported via the Evening Standard) puts our venerated capital at the bottom of the pile when it comes to Britain's family friendly cities.

The survey looked at factors such as house prices, access to green spaces, school rankings, average salaries and crime rates in casting its assessments.

With an average house price of £483,803, London's rating fell sharply due to its sky-high property market.

This compares to Newcastle, named the UK's best city to raise children, where homeowners pay on average £161,255. Derby, in second place on list of great cities for families, boasts an average house price of £148,437.

We know plenty of families who are very happy living in the capital...

But it's not just about the price of real estate. The survey's champion Newcastle also has the highest number of schools rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted, and is home to the most amount of green spaces among the cities analysed.

Derby, meanwhile, has comparatively low crime rates, with 17 burglary claims for every 1,000 home insurance quotes.

This contrasts to London, where 24 burglary claims are made per 1,000 home insurance quotes.

Take a look at the top 10 worst cities for raising children, below.

But, take faith: we know plenty of families living in these cities who love every aspect of them. It just goes to show, figures can't capture everything...

The UK's 10 worst cities to raise children in (apparently)

  1. London

  2. Newry

  3. Armagh

  4. Leeds

  5. Bradford

  6. Sheffield

  7. Glasgow

  8. Kingston upon Hull

  9. Brighton and Hove

  10. Birmingham

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